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“In working with a senior community, we find that it a very prevalent issue is the translation of technological language to a generation of people, who didn’t grow up with anything that even resembles modern technology. Today children are very adept with computers, because it is all they’ve known, but our seniors are not often afforded the opportunity to have someone sit down and teach, assist, explain and guide them through these new innovations. It can become quite frustrating, because we deal with a very sharp, capable and knowledgeable community. Mom’s Computer has been a very welcome component to our Senior Services program, because they recognize the value of our seniors and take the time to respectfully and thoroughly educate them. The instructors are kind, patient, and very informative. Since they began working with our clients, we have heard nothing but positive feedback. Mom’s gets our sincerest gratitude and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Elijah and his team in the future.”

– Anthony Bright, Manager of Programs and Administrative Oversight, Senior Services

“The best! Elijah is patient, knowledgeable, clear, complete, professional…and, did I say patient? No surprises, just kind-hearted efficiency.”

– Dorothy via Yelp

“Great find and so personal. I’m having a great experience with Elijah. He’s been so helpful to my elderly friend. He basically taught her how to turn on a iPad…. and within a few visits and calls she now is in total use of all the apps. She’s on Facebook, goes on the web and searches different things, sends texts, FaceTime and everything.”

– Brian D via Yelp

“I found Mom’s Computer a couple of weeks ago to help my 87 year old aunt transition to a new computer. From the start, I found Elijah to be personable, helpful and clear in his communications both with myself and with my aunt. He has such a large skill set that allows him to interface with technology and all ages of people to be able to provide wonderful support and education. He went above and beyond in his services by checking in on my aunt regularly and providing continued (and very patient) instruction on how to access her new computer. After two weeks with his help, my aunt can now navigate through her computer daily and has all the written prompts she needs to help her remember important passwords and navigation tips.”

– Heidi via Yelp

“Cannot believe someone didn’t come with this service before. There’s a new spring in Mom’s step as she is now able to ‘communicate’ with us from miles away.”

– Leslie S via Yelp

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