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Call us anytime at (800) 281-0692.

Give us a quick Toll Free phone call for an A+ Technician located in Sunny California.

Or feel free to email us help@momscomputer.com

We are an experienced local computer repair office located in Culver City, Ca with 25+ years experience. We look forward to helping you.

Mom’s Computer Mobile Visit Home/Office/Location Visit $105.00/hr.

First we will visit, learn & diagnose the issue. Then you can decide if you want to proceed.  Estimate to be presented after diagnosing the clients needs.

Group Classes and Tech Desks: Information Here

Simple and Safe. At the end of our session, after all the issues presented are resolved and the customer is satisfied we will collect payment. We accept all credit cards and checks through our secure website, phone or via invoice.

For business and monthly accounts we can setup an account and invoice monthly. Please email us at help@momscomputer.com with any questions.

Yes. 10% discount on all our education and repair services.

Most situations can be resolved or understood in an hour and a half.

Feel free to contact us to discuss what you’d like to achieve so we can come up with an affordable plan.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our mature and patient tech educators. We have accumulated our national staff through years of vetting and getting to know each other. These are the best of the best. Go to our HOME page and scroll through the sections to see your choices and read their bios and more.

Coming Soon. Presently Mom’s Computer has been an at home or location tech service, with a focus on adults education. We are opening a location (Fall 2019) in Culver City and this will be the only tech shop where you can have cup of tea, sit down on a couch, learn and get repairs.

Details coming very soon!

Yes. Currently we have technician’s in Cleveland, Ohio and New Jersey. A Mom’s Computer tech is of the highest caliber in patience and knowledge, and we add location’s slowly to insure this. Check back to see if we have included your area.

For a local visit we can setup a technician in many locations across the USA.

Call us at (800) 281-0692 and we can see how we can help. Easy and Affordable!

Take a look here and call us to discuss at (800) 281-0692.

I can say with great pride we are #1 at tailoring a group tech class to your specific needs. Our references include the Los Angeles City Retirement Fund and The LGBT Center’s of SoCal. We recommend you contact the organizations that have used us!

It’s all in the relationship between the technician and the client. We make it easy and friendly for clients to fix their issues and ask questions. We setup mechanisms and encourage actual phone calls, texts and emails with any questions at all!

Please read our terms of service here.

I’m working on that personally night and day. Elijah, Founder and CEO