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Why I Started a Technology Care and Repair Business for Adult Learners

December 2023 Update:

Welcome to Moms Computer. If this is your first time visiting us, we provide technology education, care, repair and digital literacy for Seniors and Adult Learners. We opened in 2013, with the specific goal of creating a resource for customers that need a bit more patience than others. This year saw Moms working with more organizations, Government, NonProfit and small and medium-sized business. The trend to include tech care into a retirement plans seems to be going. We also know the scammers adjust and get better at scamming every day, and weve learned education is the best prevention for what could be a very painful online experience. Weve been at this awhile now. We know and love technology and all that it does for us, but as one of our early mentorsCecilysaid, as much as we love technology, we understand humans even better. Have a good and productive 2024. And remember, Moms is always just a call away.


June 2022 Update. Welcome to our new updated website. We’ve streamlined a few things, made it a bit simpler to connect. Speaking of connecting, we’ve met so many folks just like you since our previous  update. For those new around here at its core Mom’s Computer is your resource for patient and ethical computer care, repair and education. Whether it’s just you or you represent and organization, give us a call and let’s say hello and see if our experience and expertise can help!/Elijah

February 2022 Update. The team at Mom’s Computer is hoping your year is off to a good start. Since my last update we have met so many more of you good folks. From a simple repair to some education. On a daily basis we are all amazed at the resilience, tenacity and sheer persistence of not only our customers, but those that simply contact us for a moment of honest tech advice. We had a call the other day from an 87 year old lady who’s still running the family feed lot business somewhere deep in the majestic midwest. Needed a lesson in how to email invoices!

On our side we have kept well, grown and have expanded our services to consumer, business and government, alike. It feels like we’re just getting started with our mission of  Technology Care for Seniors and Adult Learners. Hope to chat soon! /Elijah

December 2021 Update. Seasons Greetings from the entire Mom’s Computer Family. What a two years it’s been since my last update. When I envisioned Mom’s Computer – Tech Care for Seniors & Adult Learners, I couldn’t predict the pandemic and the roll technology would play in trudging through it all. Our model had been set and tested and then the phone’s just started ringing and haven’t stopped. I’m so proud of our staff and our brave clients for learning and navigating a new and seemingly permanent world of zoom and long hours on the computer.

Have a Safe and Very Merry Christmas, New Years and Holiday Season./Elijah & The Team at Mom’s Computer./Elijah

July 2020 Update. Everyone at Mom’s Computer is hoping those who read this are well and safe. For those affected by Covid-19 our entire team keeps you in our thoughts and prayers. Well It’s been a busy year since my last update and we’re adjusting to the changes.  Mom’s Computer’s mission to be a resource for senior and adult tech users has been a help to countless people through the pandemic. More than we imagined. At this stage of our business we’ve become a trusted resource for many. It proves that slow and steady is the way. Listen, create honest simple solutions and treat the customer as family. Our Corporate/Government contracts grew as we administered Zoom meetings for groups. Our $69.99 Remote Care Special has been an affordable option for many folks. We are now advertising on Google Ads and reaching so many folks from every part of our great nation. Ot gives me personally great hope that we shall overcome this moment. God Bless. /Elijah & The Team at Mom’s Computer

Feb. 2019 Update. It has been six years since we opened and saw our very first customer. Since then we’ve served thousands of folks with specific, patient and understanding technology care. We’ve been hired by the City of Los Angeles and The LGBT Centers of California to administer accessible and useful tech desk classes for Retirees, Senior’s and Adult Learners, in which upward of 200 folks attend. Mom’s Computer has created consistent jobs and many of our techs have been with us since day one. We’ve helped and saved countless clients from online fraud. We’ve found the best way to avoid online scams is some education and clear guidelines of what to avoid and what to do if you responded to the query (it happens). Mom’s Computer is on the way to becoming the most safe and trusted option in the maze of technology care. Have a great year./Elijah

August 2013. My name is Elijah Dittersdorf and I’m a tech lover!  After spending 20 plus years in the field I developed a heartfelt company that helps adult learners improve their basic daily computer skills. Either through repairs, education or both. To help folks expand through the easy use of technology is a true gift and in many ways, necessity of our times.

In my experience embracing technology is a result of reducing vulnerability. When I ask my clients why they waited so long to learn or fix the computer, the answer is usually the same, “I don’t want to bother anybody.” We can help with that by providing a mature teacher that’s more just like a friend.

Whether we serve our clients in a one on home visit, a group class or online, the ability to learn technology is the same. We listen to our clients concerns, never rush and always count on folks (like myself) forgetting things and needing a safe and easy place to get a reminder!

At Mom’s Computer we provide gentle options. If you’d like to learn a specific skill or purchase a computer repair for a friend, you will be able to choose and see your technician on our bio page.

Our references come from our local communities, physicians, clients, retirement communities, and more. We welcome you to contact us with any questions or inquiries. Have a Wonderful Day. Elijah

Elijah Dittersdorf   Founder CEO

Mom’s Computer is an Official Tech Tutor For The Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System and the Los Angeles LGBT Center

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