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MomTech Roni – Southern California MomTech

האמונה שלי היא שכל דבר שאני
יכולה לפתור אני יכולה ללמד אתכם לפתור גם. מדף הפייסבוק, לרשימת .תפוצה של
חברים ובני משפחה, ארגון מסמכים חשובים, תמונות והרבה מעבר לכך .נלמד ביחד
לגלוש בצורה בטיחותית והימנעות מהונאה, דבר החשוב מאד במיוחד למבוגרים
שבינינו .טכנולוגיה יכולה לעזור לנו בכל תחומי החיים, ואני אשמח לעזור לכם
ללמוד כמה פשוט זה יכול להיות

Availability: Monday – Thursday : 9am – 5pm

Language: English Hebrew

Area: San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Santa Monica,
Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista,
Westchester, San Gabriel Valley. Also Santa Barbara and Palm Springs.

Philosophy: Let’s start with the fact I have 12 year old twins! This alone has
proven that we can adjust and learn much more than we expected. It’s a
must that I keep up with my 12 year olds.. So I learned and learn more
everyday. It’s really is simpler the I thought.

And even more joyous of a journey when there’s another adult helping
along. I got my first computer 20 years ago, when barely anyone had one,
and pretty much tought my self how to use it by trial and error.

Goals: My belief is that anything I can solve, I can teach you to solve
also. From your Facebook page to a mailing list for your friends and
family. We can organize legal and important documents. Photo’s and so
much more. While we’re at it let’s learn proper internet safety and
fraud awareness. Important for us grown ups.

Technology can help you in all areas of life, and I would love to help
you learn how simple it all can be.

My “Mom Tech Specialties” include: All internet functions, Online window
shopping without entering any personal information, security, File
formatting. Storage, Computer organization, Emailing, Group Emailing,
Google Search, Photo Library Organization, Skype, Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, iPad, iPod, Tablet, Kindle, All cellphones & iPad, iPhone,
Facebook, Instagram, email pretty much everything, Mac/Windows.