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Momtech – Robert

MomTech Robert – Southern California

Availability: Monday – Saturday 9 to 6, Evenings and Weekends by Appointment.

Language: English

Area: Thousand Oaks to Anaheim, Santa Monica to Baldwin Park and
everything in between! I love LA and I love all of its neighborhoods.

Philosophy: First, do no harm! All computers and technology are simply
tools. With a touch of patience, and willingness to understand how and
why they developed the way they did, ANYONE can become proficient with

Goals: Clients who become friends, friends who are confident and happy
with their technology, technology that works with and improves lives;
the lives of my friends.

Specialties: All computers and smart phone questions and issues. Social
media, communications, Audio/Video problems. Home office set up,
Printers and Home Networks, deciphering poorly formatted user interface
(Translation: Making the whole process easier and explainable).