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Momtech – Armin

MomTech Armin – Southern California

سلام، من آرمين هيربد هستم
يادم مياد از اولين روزى كه پدرم كامپيوتر خريد من كسى بودم كه اعضاى خانواده و دوستان سراغش ميرفتن واسه سوال هاى كامپيوترى كه داشتن. من هميشه به تكنولوژى علاقه مند بودم و البته كسانى رو هم كه با تكنولوژى مشكل دارن، كاملا درك ميكنم. مشتاقم بهشون كمك كنم تا
از استفاده كردن از تلفن هاى هوشمند، كامپيوتر، دوربين و غيره لذت ببرن :)

Availability: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm

Language: Farsi, English

Area: Beverly Hills, Westwood, San Fernando Valley, Culver City, Westwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Westchester,, San Gabriel Valley. Also Santa Barbara and Palm Springs.

Philosophy: My dad bought me my first computer when I was just a boy. He
taught me with patience, kindness and shared excitement for what we
would both discover. Now it’s my turn to teach my dad or your’s or you
technology through patient personalized instruction, that never rushes.
We all forget, and I want you to know that I’m here to answer all
questions, before, during and especially after your lessons.

Goals: Being from abroad I know the value of our friends and family
learning to video chat. So wether you want to learn Facebook or to
simply send emails with pictures and videos, I will see to it that you
are confident and practiced so it all gets easier.

My “Mom Tech Specialties” include: Smartphones, Tablets, Data Storage,
Computer Organization, Emailing, Group Emailing, Google Search, Photo
Library Organization, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iPad, iPod,
Tablet, Kindle, All cellphones & iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Instagram,
email pretty much everything, Mac/Windows.

Education: Khazar University Graduate Degree  in Architecture