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Why I Started a Technology Care and Repair Business

Welcome to Mom’s Computer.

Feb. 2019 Update. It has been six years since we opened and saw our very first customer. Since then we’ve served thousands of folks with specific, patient and understanding technology care. We’ve been hired by the City of Los Angeles and The LGBT Centers of California to administer accessible and useful tech desk classes for Retirees, Senior’s and Adult Learners, in which upward of 200 folks attend. Mom’s Computer has created consistent jobs and many of our techs have been with us since day one. We’ve helped and saved countless clients from online fraud. We’ve found the best way to avoid online scams is some education and clear guidelines of what to avoid and what to do if you responded to the query (it happens). Mom’s Computer is on the way to becoming the most safe and trusted option in the maze of technology care. Have a great year./Elijah

August 2013. My name is Elijah Dittersdorf and I’m a tech lover!  After spending 20 plus years in the field I developed a heartfelt company that helps adult learners improve their basic daily computer skills. Either through repairs, education or both. To help folks expand through the easy use of technology is a true gift and in many ways, necessity of our times.

In my experience embracing technology is a result of reducing vulnerability. When I ask my clients why they waited so long to learn or fix the computer, the answer is usually the same, “I don’t want to bother anybody.” We can help with that by providing a mature teacher that’s more just like a friend.

Whether we serve our clients in a one on home visit, a group class or online, the ability to learn technology is the same. We listen to our clients concerns, never rush and always count on folks (like myself) forgetting things and needing a safe and easy place to get a reminder!

At Mom’s Computer we provide gentle options. If you’d like to learn a specific skill or purchase a computer repair for a friend, you will be able to choose and see your technician on our bio page.

Our references come from our local communities, physicians, clients, retirement communities, and more. We welcome you to contact us with any questions or inquiries. Have a Wonderful Day. Elijah

Elijah Dittersdorf   Founder CEO

Mom’s Computer is an Official Tech Tutor For The Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System and the Los Angeles LGBT Center

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